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  • Yarvik TAB9-200 Xenta 97iC ??

    I'm keen to purchase on of these units in the UK, but so far can only find ebuyer selling them and this isn't until 21 August 2012 - some 4 weeks away.

    I am ready to purchase the unit now!

    Please can you advise me of any other UK suppliers or European suppliers who I can purchase the unit from immediately? Failing that will ebuyer be the sole UK retailer of the 97iC or will there be other outlets?

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    I strongly advice to wait a bit till there information is from people that use this model.

    Yarvik have so often problems with new models and if you see how many problems now pop up after the upgrade to 4.0.4 you better be sure.

    Also this model is not even on the Yarvik site as new or upcomming model, I do know there was a press release about it with an espected date.

    I think that store use that to pre sale the tablet while they not have then at all.


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      Have to say after seeing the video of the Xenta, in action... and it playing GTAIII so well... I really wish I had waited for this model to come out. My 467 can only just play GTAII with the music files - and even then it still runs really slow. Same problem with many other high end games and apps - basicly you can forget about them with the zettas.

      Considering I paid 180 for my 467 about 2 months ago, 199 for what is basicly a dual core, BT enabled version of my tab seems and absolute bargin. Would be very interested to see a head-to-head test against and a new ipad as the Xentas seem to match them at least specs wise for half the price.

      Kinda left wondering how much I could get for my 467 on ebay


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        If you look at the specs it's not that good at all
        The cpu is relative slow (mhz don't say a thing) the screen have still an low resolution and it's not that hard to make a game run nice on that resolution.

        For a little bit more you get an tablet with twice the resolution and an Tegra cpu. and mosy important with decent suport and upgrades.

        But is you not much care for suport and quility it's a nice prize...

        Btw I have seen a few Yarviks now but never have seen one with a stocker from quility controll ( like pass ok and a number) is that just me or are there people with an Yarvik tablet AND and sticker from passing quility control ??


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          Just reading arround the rockchip & tagra 2's - they both based arround a dual core Cortex A9. The main diffrence seems to be that the tagras use an nvidia gfx solution whilst the rockchip uses a quadcore mali 400 so possibly you could expect the graphical output to be better on tagras.

          Based on this then, you would expect the 2 chips to be roughly even in terms of day to day processing power. Are you saying that the tagras are a significatly better chipset that the rockchip in this area? If so what is your reasoning for this?

          I guess perception of Yarviks support depends on personal experience. Although most of the answeres to solutions do tend to come from the commnity rarther than yarkik direct, it is still good that they provide and monitor a forum for this as its something that many companies do not. Its also good that they have provided origional firmware images so people who killed their tablets through ill advised tinkering have managed to fix them. After only having waited 2 months for the 4.0.4 update for my 467, which does seem to address all the issues with the tablet, personally I cant fault it.


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            The TEGRA made by Nvidia have an complete other disign and it's not just an A9 dunna what information you have but not the right one.

            The cortex chips are lowbutget chips for cheap chinees phones and tablets, The Nvidea Tegra chips you only find in the better tablets and phones and yes they cost a bit more money.

            The Tagra cpu is btw complete new for me but it can be an sick marketing thing to make people think they get an highend Nvidia and not just an crappy budget cpu.


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              Nvidias own specs page says its Cortex-A9 based . GPU does sound much better as I said


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                Based on your right about that just like the Pentium 4 was based on the first Pentium chip...

                Don't get me wrong if you think that tablet is the one for you just get it...

                I just say, if that chipset was that good why is no other brand using it? it's damm cheap so if they are really good why using Tegra's in all new models
                even the really cheap Google have a Tegra 3 and not an Cortex. Wherever you look those chipsets you only find in the budget tablets from China.

                You will just as now see they are again not able to run all apps like the other tablets that is what for me the big downside is speed is just speed but tot being able to run all apps is something else.

                But who know, it can be the first Yarvik that really will be run all. Time will tell .


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                  Seen ebuyer has sold 20+ of these so far on preorder with the 1st batch due in tomorow (21/8). Will be keeping a keen eye out for user reviews as they come in or hopefully some owners will come here to share thier thoughts (try not to scare them off John)



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                    As long non of the Android sources even have mention that tablet and no magazine at all had anything about it it tells me that it is just more of the same....

                    When things are good you read about it..... I just look at the spec's and those were a year ago average now just way below that point.

                    The price might be low so it still can be a nice buy... it will just not being better then what already is on the market from Yarvik.

                    But we will see what this model will do and let's hope for once it will be tested before it's in the store and that the ROM is tested and working with decent wifi...

                    To bad so many stores here in Holland no longer sell Yarvik products.

                    But I will get myself one and then judge specs are low but maybe it can surprise me....


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                      #I've already posted this in another tread but adding here so people can read if they want to#

                      Hi, ordered mine and it arrived yesterday.

                      I owned a Scroll Extreme, which I think is the same as the single core Yarvik models. I returned this due to the case cracking around the headphone socket, I see someone has the same issue on the Yarvik.

                      Not had much chance to play yet but its much much quicker than the single core model, screen looks about the same and the camera's are still the same. Google Play is installed and working correct, this device doesn't have root access, advantage is that the Google Play movie rental app installs now. Things like BBC iPlayer work perfect via the browser, and the Youtube app plays HQ content without a glitch.

                      Not sure what this tablet is based on, but so far it seems good.


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                        To buy or not to buy


                        Im thinking of purchasing this tablet. But ive got two questions:
                        • I've read that the google store is standard supplied. But im wondering if its possible to run "all" the available apps?
                        • Can someone say something about the browse speed?
                        Thanks in advance!


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                          First reports are dripping in

                          I did asked myself the same...... soon we will know and with a bit of luck I have one for a few weeks soon to try everything out.


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                            Dont think I'm going to win any brownie points form admin for this, but anways...

                            In the same way stoage options had thier own version of the 467, it seems a company called Sumvision is doing a version of this tablet called the Cyclone Titan that is due next month.

                            Specs seem identical. Only difrence seems to be that the back of the tablet is black rarther than silver... and it's 30 cheaper...



                            Think yarvik do need to sort thier price points out if they want to retain a good market share. Downside for sumvision though is that they dont have any kind of support form, and hence owning once would mean that I didnt get the pleasure of all you wonderfull peoples company
                            Last edited by paw81; 29-08-2012, 16:39.


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                              Lolz maybe i get one for free at 750 posts :P

                              I did found out the same about the Eken a lot cheaper then the Yarvik models even when you order direct in China but who care with the right ROM even I start to like the tablet and the brand is on the back lolz