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  • WiFi Fix for 467

    After a simple mod to the wifi antenna, I am now able to get a signal all around my house when previously I was limited to the room with the router!

    I got my info from the following forums:

    First of all the tablet was really easy to take apart and put back together, you just have to be careful with the short speaker wires that are attached to the rear case! The antenna is stuck down well and slightly under the battery, so instead of replacing or moving it I thought I would try the easiest fix first. I attached a strip of kitchen foil (doubled over a couple of times to make it a bit thicker) to the solder on the back of the antenna with a bit of tape and then extended it to the edge of the tablet, fastening it down with a couple of bits of blutack! The results were better than I expected. I can now get a decent signal all around the house and the web browser is much more responsive. Although the wifi is good enough at the moment I am hoping to get some copper tape tomorrow to see if that improves it any further. Once I try it I will post my results and also some pictures of the mod I have done.

    Much happier with the tablet now and have even gone back to the stock 4.0.4 firmware from cm10 as it all seems to run just as well!

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    Finally, my copper tape arrived! It has made a slight improvement and has also made a neater job as it is self adhesive.

    Here is a step by step guide to how i did it :

    First of all, to open it remove the 2 small screws on the edge of tablet next to all the ports. Finally you just need to release the clips all around the edge of the tablet. I used a blade which I eased in between the case and gently pulled back on it. I started on the side opposite the ports, then the two lengths and last of all the port side. Be careful not to push the blade too far in especially near all the buttons and ports!

    When it's all loose, gently turn the cover through 90 degrees to get to the antenna, being careful not to damage the short speaker cable attached to the back!

    Here you can see the antenna! The blutack next to it is what I used to secure the foil!

    First time I did this I used kitchen foil which I folded over a few times to make it about 4 layers thick! I secured this with tape to the antenna and then with blutack to the case!

    Here is my tablet now with the copper tape! It was just copper slug tape which I got from ebay for about 3. Again I made it 4 layers thick by sticking the tape on top of itself then stuck it to the antenna and along the bottom of the case.

    Don't let opening the tablet put you off, it really is a simple task! I have had mine open and closed all day testing it. The copper does seem to improve very slightly over the kitchen foil but the kitchen foil itself is a vast improvement to what you start with! I can now watch netflix and stream from my NAS in my bedroom where once I couldn't even pick a wifi signal up!

    I hope this helps some more people to get a little more out of their Yarvik! It has made me a lot happier now that the wifi is better! The forums I got this info from were for other models of tablets, so it may work for different models of Yarvik's if you're having similar problems!

    Let me know if this works for you!


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      Really copperfoil ?

      An antenna need to have a lengt depending on the freqentie used.... You can just use a piece of montage wire (( isolated) what you cut of at 1/4 of the wavelenght To long or to short will work but not good.

      For example inside the plastic of the Antenna of your router you will find a very short antenna with most of the time also a coil. The antenna of an router is ilke 1/4 of the plastic you see..

      Using a isolated thin wire is also more save and will fit better in the case. I,m wondering if the modification improve the wifi so much that it is worth loosing the waranty with tablets that break down so often I woild not do it till the warranty is over.


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        Might try the wire when I get a chance! Don't know anything about wifi antenna's, the foil ideas were from the forums which I listed in my first post! In the first link that I posted, post number 38 eMBee quoted:-

        "The problem is not the antenna itself but the lack of a ground-plane. I've just soldered a piece of copper tape to the base of the antenna and turned it 90 degrees so the copper tape is parallel to the antenna. And now I have perfect signal through the house and also outside!

        I decided to try this but without the soldering, this way I can easily remove the tape if any problems develop with the tablet! I honestly don't think anyone could tell it had been opened as there are no seals on the unit!

        Even if it has void my warranty, to me the improvement in the wifi is definitely worth the risk! If the first idea of the foil hadn't worked I was going to buy a new antenna and try and solder it in. This would have certainly void the warranty but the wifi was so bad it was a risk I was willing to take! I don't think about a 5m wifi range is very acceptable and I don't think any of the software improved it much! Pleased I did it and would definitely do it again!

        Grow a set and open it up!!!


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          One more thing as far as the warranty is concerned, everyone who has flashed a custom rom such as cm9 and cm10 has void their warranty! I know the stock rom can be flashed back on but what if a problem develops that prevents you from doing this? For example if the battery fails, charging socket breaks, display stops working or numerous other things which could prevent a reflash!

          Therefore if you have flashed a custom rom you might as well give this a go! After all this is not a 400 tablet your messing with!


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            You loose your right on support if you change the ROM NOT your right on the warranty.

            As long you not change the hardware there is no problem, most people have no idea how the law works about warranty in the EU..

            and your foil thing, compare it with holding a portable radio with his antenna against a metal fence, it works but also pick up a lot of unwanted signals same with wifi.
            If you make an Annette that just is optimized for the frequencies that is used the signal is more clean and a lot stronger.

            RF and antenna's and stuff is something I did for a living many m,any years....


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              Originally posted by John01 View Post
              Uncalled for.



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                Tried, but is not working.


                I tried to do the same as described in the first post, but it didn't work for me. I have TAB468 and didn't upgrade to 4.0.4. yet.

                After instaling foil (aluminium), signal strength is the same, if not even worse than before.
                Are there any minor specialities, that I should pay more attention to? For example, contact with preeinstaled antena? I can see, the antena is isolated with some plastic, but the soldering point isn't, so I put the foil so that is in contact with soldering point.

                Now I will try also, with a shorter antena. As John said, it should be around 3 cm long, while WiFi signal has about 12 cm wavelength. Should I use isolated copper wire instead of foil?

                If someone has some aditional suggestions, and more knowledge about antenas, please share it with me.

                Thank you!


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                  I just used the soldering point to attach my foil! As for the copper wire I have no idea as I have no knowledge of how antenna's work. Did your antenna look the same as mine?

                  Anyway soon after John mentioned about loosing warranty my camera stopped working. Every time I tried to open it, my tablet rebooted! Although I didn't really use it I thought I would send it back and see what happened. I was given a replacement without a problem. The replacement I got was exactly the same model (467) but this time the wifi was excellent straight out the box. Also the speaker seems much louder than the last one!

                  I don't know if they have altered or changed the antennas or speakers or if there are just a few dodgy ones about, but I would advise anyone who has problems with their wifi to return their tablets. If it's too late to send your's back then there is no harm in trying this fix! When I get the chance I'll open my new one up and see if I can see anything different to the first one.

                  I am more than happy with my replacement Yarvik 467. It's not the quickest tablet about, but for the price it is well worth it. I bought it mainly for the kids to mess about with and to watch movies on and it does both brilliantly!
                  Last edited by gillyboy74; 15-10-2012, 21:07.


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                    I removed the custom antena.

                    Originally posted by gillyboy74 View Post
                    I just used the soldering point to attach my foil! As for the copper wire I have no idea as I have no knowledge of how antenna's work. Did your antenna look the same as mine?

                    Mine antena look just the same as yours on the picture. I used kitchen aluminium foil, which I folded into 4 layers. In the tablet, I removed the tape that was protecting soldering point on the antena and put one end of foil over the soldering point. Then I put back the tape over it. The signal strenght was just the same as before. Later I tried with a shorter antena, also made out of aluminium foil. The result was even worse, so I removed everything and gave up on this modification. My next thing wil be upgrading to Android 4.0.4. We'll see what happens then.

                    I'm not thinking about returning it yet.

                    Thank you for your replay.